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    Culture and art is like a bridge between past and present. Cities can not develop with a comprehension devoid of culture and art. All of the cities in our country, which are the blend of different civilizations and cultures, distinguish with their unique values and open new horizons to their residents and guests.

    Bursa is also one of the cities combining traditional values with history and nature besides keeping cultural life constantly alive. The fact behind the success of Bursa, which has transformed its local values into universal, is blending knowledge of various civilisations and serves as a culture envoy.

    Bursa International Photography Festival (BursaPhotoFest), which will be held this year for the 8th time, has become one of the most important art events in our country through its continuity and content richened year after year.

    This year’s theme of BursaPhotoFest is “rituals” reflected from various geography, culture and lives. As is known, rituals, which constitute a significant part of the "sustainable common life" of societies, come to life in many different areas. These areas are based on myths, religions, aesthetics, politic and social levels.

    Immortalized images captured under this theme will make BursaPhotoFest an unforgetable event that hosts India, prominent in rituals, as the guest country.

    I greet all the participants of Bursa International Photography Festival and hope that BursaPhotoFest will be an inspiration for art lovers.

    Alinur AKTAŞ
    Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor